2013 | Looking Back

Some years you'd rather forget, others... They can border on epic.
In our corner of the universe it's hard not to qualify 2013 as a fantastic year. As I settle down for the Holiday season — like most of you — I thought it'd be interesting to go back and compile what, for me at least, we're some of the most significant posts of this past year. 

I'm taking a short break from the blog but I'll actually be working on a very exciting project over the next two weeks, the results of which I hope to show you guys as soon as it's possible to do so — lets just say it's a great way to begin 2014.

Until then I wish you all the very best of Holidays. Thanks for your thoughts and feedback; most of all, thanks for your ongoing interest in this strange, always evolving story...

I hope you enjoy the recap and I'll see you next year — cue swirly dissolve :)

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