Proximity at the Lakeshore Camera Club

What an insane month September has turned out to be. A good type of insanity mind you, but still… Hello October; although it isn’t looking like much of a break either…!

Apologies to those of you who sent emails that I’ve yet to respond to… I should be getting to it this week.

Last night I had a baptism of sorts: I gave my very first lecture/conference/talk/presentation/whatev at the Lakeshore Camera Club, in the beautiful Stewart Hall on the West Island. Entitled Proximity - Stories from the Invisible, it’s a reflection on storytelling and what this can bring to our more general work, as well as a look into how we can approach photography from a much more personal perspective. It marked my first foray into this type of event and I honestly didn’t know what to expect — How people would react but also how I would perform. And it’s an odd feeling to sit on a stage and speak to a roomful of photographers — some of whom may have way more experience than you do — as if you have some sort of “knowledge” to impart.

But man did I have a fantastic evening. The reaction was wonderful, the people were super nice and seemed to really engage with the entire reflection. We finished the evening with an open discussion and… Well, let’s just say it’s extremely rewarding when you get to exchange ideas with an interesting and interested audience.

So yay :)

My only regret is not having documented the evening in any way; I had the X100 with me but between nerves and having to focus on the job at hand, it only made it out of my bag when the discussion turned to my use of Fuji cameras. And this was interesting: a lot of people came up to me with an X100S in hand and several others mentioned owning the X-Pro1 during the discussion period; there’s definitely traction here. And there were a few oohs and ahhs about a couple of features I mentioned so… Perhaps future members of the Fuji club ;)

Many thanks again to the LCC for inviting me; I’d do it again in a millisecond.

I hate not including images in a post so I’m leaving you with a few ridiculously disparate shots from the new XF 23mm f/1.4 R lens. Full review this week.