Crossroads | Joining the X Photographers.


Sometimes you just drive. The road a meandering fissure dragging you into the unknown. You choose a path at the intersection, step on the gas pedal and forge ahead, unsure of the final destination yet intoxicated by the ride.

I didn't know it at the time but when I purchased the X100, almost two years ago,  I took an offramp. What seemed like a minor add-on ended up overtaking a system I had heavily invested in. And it changed both my outlook and my goals.

A few weeks ago I got a call from Billy Luong, of Fuji Guys fame. We had a great initial conversation, followed by an equally great conference call a week later with some very nice people from Fujifilm Canada. So today I'm extremely proud to announce that I'm now an official X Photographer, joining the likes of David Cleland, Zack AriasRoël Dixon Mahatoo and Tony Bridge. The paperwork is done and my profile will eventually appear on the official website. I'm leaving the sidelines and getting front row seats. 

To be clear: this doesn't mean I'm working for Fuji or losing my independence in any way. On the contrary, I'll now be able to offer honest feedback directly to them as I'll have a chance to test technologies before they hit the shelves. I'll also get to test drive gear I may not immediately be in the market to purchase. And if I don't like something? I'll say it, just like I do now; in fact they've encouraged me to do so. Overall, this is simply a fantastic opportunity to explore a system I feel very passionate about to its fullest, and grow from it in the process. 

Huge thanks to Billy, Helen and Michael at Fujifilm Canada for reaching out to me and making it happen. 

Here's to crossroads...

- The images below were all shot with the X100 a few weeks ago. -