1EYE, ROAMING. | My first eBook available now.


PDF format (landscape, iPad ready), 152 pages. 105 monochrome photographs and seven case studies. All images taken with the Fujifilm X100.

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There are moments in time that will change everything without our knowledge, without even the slightest hint that anything is actually happening. Events that will unfold, passing through us, metastasizing until every single cell is modified or replaced.

You can't imagine how long I've been working on this... But it's finally here: today I'm launching my first eBook entitled 1EYE, ROAMING.

If you're a longtime reader of this blog you'll recognize the topic since it's based on the Lutetia - Travels in France with the X100 series. Why return to those images? Because I needed to; because they've since become much more important than I originally thought and because I needed something more permanent. I have other projects in mind but this had to be the first step.

Anyone familiar with the original series will immediately notice a very big change: colour is gone. Every single image has been re-processed in black and white, going back to the original files and starting anew. Why? For one I needed to get excited again, to forget about my original selection and see all those images as if they were completely new. Discarding colour forced me to re-evaluate everything. Besides, I quickly realized that most of the images I was selecting were already in black and white, making the few remaining colour photos stick out like a sore thumb — The choice quickly became obvious . 

To bring these pictures back to the present, I went back to the archives, disabling the ratings filters in order to go through all the files again. I found quite a few that had never been published and have now found their way in this book. I added a chapter/city, omitted another. All in the spirit of coherence.

I kept the same chronological structure but while the original series was merely a set of favourites, this book works harder at creating a better flow, leaving images behind, adding new ones;  my hope is that I've at least succeeded in offering a much more focused edit that ties the entire journey together.

This re-interpretation of the Lutetia series also serves to highlight something I truly believe in: that images are never final; they're always a work in progress, subject to the possibility of a different interpretation. They're constantly in a state of flux, alive with the potential of change.

Also included is a special chapter called Case Studies where I offer a glimpse into the processing of the images as well as reflexions on some of the moments that were captured. Seven examples in all.

The book is in PDF format and I can tell you it looks fantastic on an iPad Air. Very happy with it.

One last tidbit: there's a special introductory price in effect and anyone who buys the ebook between now and December 12 gets a chance to win a signed 8.5x11 print of the 1EYE image of their choice. Winner will be announced on December 16.

Oh! and I need to thank photographers and friends Robert Boyer and Derek Clark for their hugely helpful input and advice. Official info page is here. A few screenshots below.

Holidays? Start your engines!

P.S I've added a Paypal button to the official page for those of you who prefer that method of payment.