Six Days in Tokyo | Sky-hi & Down-lo - The Last Hours

"There is snow coming... tomorrow morning"
It's 1 or 2 AM, rain is pouring down and it's 10ºC. No way we're getting snow. I'm Canadian, I know this stuff. But then I've also learned not to underestimate the exactitude of the Japanese people—I wake up a few hours later to a city covered in white.
Clearly, a prelude.

I meet Tomasz for breakfast way up on the 40th floor of our hotel—the view is impressive and after he leaves I sit there awhile, shooting a few pictures, daydreaming; a thousand scenes floating in my head in a big jumbled mess of masks and skylines and silent multitudes. Twenty-some hours from now I'll be landing in Montreal, driving down treacherous roads, barely awake. At one point the car will skid—black ice is a bitch—and I'll force myself to shake away the jet-lag. 

One last effort before surrendering to the safety and comforts of home.

Shot with a prototype X-Pro2 and the XF 35mmf/2 R Wr