Six Days in Tokyo | Three STUDIES

Siri is useless. After a 20 minute "guided" walk resulting in the most geometrically perfect circle you could ever possibly imagine, it's clear trying to follow a path is a bad idea so I just decide to wing it. Besides, I don't care: I don't need to be anywhere and have no destination in mind other than losing myself in this city, absorbing every single ounce of it.

I'm in full tourist mode, aimless in Tokyo, visual confrontations at every turn. With my bearings gone all I can do is float through these streets flowing like a river, glide on the currents and take it all in, a wide grin permanently stuck to my face, senses in overdrive.

Every city has an inherent structure, a personal light shining off buildings and cars and people. But what most fascinates me is the stillness to be found anywhere, when you pull away moments of solitude from the fray. A chill of immobility hiding between every movement, no matter how busy the surface may appear.

This is still day one and I'm wary of making my X-Pro2 as inconspicuous as possible.
Tomorrow all of this changes...

Shot with a pre-production X-Pro2 and XF 35mm f/2 R WR