Six Days in Tokyo | Garden

4:00 AM alarm. In the car by 4:45. Montreal airport at 6:15 then security, then wait and wait. Flight delayed, hop on an earlier departure. Toronto. More time, more delays. Ice on the wings, sitting on the plane waiting for take-off. An hour. An hour and a half. Wheels up, finally. One movie, two movies. Lost in Translation—what the heck, I may as well. Six hours down but when I look at the map there's still 7 to go. Fuck. I'm done. I'd jump off the plane if I could.


I'm alive.

As soon as we hit the ground I got my second wind. Took a cab to the hotel then met up with the Canada gang for dinner. We walked through Roppongi, taking in the wilderness before crashing, lost to dreams of airships and neon cities.

I'm alive and today's wide open.
The garden awaits.

Shot with a pre-production X-Pro2 and XF 35mm f/2 R WR