Postcard from the Break


It’s spring break this week and we’re all off—a first, due to very recent changes. All good by the way, just a different work beat for Cynthia. We thought we’d do something special—the zoo or the planetarium...and then we heard about a storm on the horizon. So we packed our bags and drove to Maricourt. 

Sometimes you simply go where it feels right.

As much as I bitch and moan about winter...I was happy to see snow when we woke up this morning. I spent an hour forest bathing, even sat against a tree to meditate for a bit, listening to the ticking beat of snowflakes against my jacket. I ran and I walked and I breathed.

I have most of my gear with me, even the new Profoto remote I picked up a few days ago (more on this in the coming days). But these are just iPhone images snapped along the way, edited with Snapseed while sitting in the living room. The snow is still falling and the wind has picked up.

Wish you were here.