​Postcard from the Break II

A reset of sorts. Days spent without care for time or the usual obligations. It makes you wonder about the lives will lead, frenzied and tumultuous. I’m taking so many steps back these days, like I’m hovering over most of my existence, watching and attempting to learn. A lot of it feels like chaos but there are flashes of insight, small epiphanies hinting at possible tweaks, perhaps new movements to attempt. A body acknowledging reality.

I accept my visual obsessions. They are leitmotifs meant to deepen knowledge of the subjects. They are the second and third reading of the same book.
At all times, we must learn to “inhabit with intensity”.

COUTURE (X-PRO2 & XF 35mm f/2)


ROOMS (GFX 50S & Pentax 50mm f/1.7)

KITCHEN (X-PRO2 & XF 35mm f/2)