Of Ink and Paper


I opened the notebook, picked up a Uni-Ball pen and wrote a couple of words: “This is a test to begin anew. Wow...my handwriting really IS terrible. 25/02/18

It’s crazy how little I’ve written as opposed to typed these past 10-15 years. My entire life has been digital for so long that I’d forgotten the feeling of paper, of letting thoughts flow on a physical surface. It’s slow—incredibly slow—but it also allows ideas to breathe differently. And despite all the “searchability” of our devices, the ubiquity of all our content through the ether...it’s still surprisingly clearer to browse through physical pages. I really had forgotten that.

That said, I was busy writing on my iPad when I noticed the light on the table, the shadows being cast by the paraphernalia I’d left there after my morning brainstorm. I grabbed the X100F and took a few shots.

Sent those off to the cloud.
Such irony.