Get in the Loop | A New Book by Flemming Bo Jensen

Since ’tis the season and all that…Here’s a stocking stuffer for anyone looking to get into music photography: Get in the Loop - How to Make Great Music Images. It’s a brand new eBook from my buddy Flemming Bo Jensen and the second release under our KAGE Editions label. Obviously I’m biased, but I happen to believe he did a great job. The book covers all bases: gear, contracts, technique, post-processing…you name it. He didn’t hold anything back.

I’m particularly fond of the Pictures chapter where he shares 46 images, each with its EXIF data and a backstory explaining the context of the shot. This is something I not only find interesting, I also believe it’s one of the best ways to learn from a photographer.

Flemming works quite a bit with Red Bull and he specializes in electronic music—which means clubs, lasers, smoke but also outdoors events and tons of DJs. While this may seem like a very narrow niche, I believe the fundamentals explained in the book apply to music photography as a whole. There’s a lot to see here.

At $6.99 for 220 pages of tips, tricks and awesome photography I think it’s a steal.
The book is available now as a PDF download from Flemming’s website right here.