It’s December & I can see the water flow.

I've got Bowie's B LA C K S T A R in my headphones, oozing like demons tears. “In the centre of it all...your eyes". Every time I hear it I fall, hard. 

I’m in overdrive mode these days, some good and some bad. There's the ongoing saga of our mother, the mechanics of bureaucracy lurking at every corner. An insanity. And there’s some immensely exciting projects too. Overall an emotional rollercoaster—Up. Down. All around. This place however, always seems to silence the noise. The empty dirt roads & leaden skies
my own footsteps absorbed through the mist and the broken soil. 

But it’s December and I can see the water flow
whispering and unencumbered.
“At the centre of it all, at the centre of it all
Your eyes, your eyes”

Shot with the X100T