X-PRO1: the focus-trick-that-probably-won't-last.

UPDATE: It’s not a bug. As Guy M pointed out in the comments, the X100 works the same way with the latest update. In fact, now that I think about it I seem to remember this being added as a feature at some point. Since I rarely use anything but the center focus point in Manual mode on the X100, I’d totally forgotten about it. And the toggle switch on that camera makes it a much slower and finnicky trick to use - something they fixed on the X-Pro1. Bottom line: rejoice! This tip is here to stay ;)


I’m guessing this is a bug and it’ll probably be squashed in a future update… but: the focus point you set in AF-S doesn’t transfer to Manual and vice-versa. Practical use? It means you can set a right focus point in AF-S, a left focus point in Manual and switch instantly from one to the other by changing shooting modes - bypassing the entire AF selector!

Of course, it’s annoying as hell if all you wanted to do was switch to another focusing mode. Which is why I’m pretty sure it’s a bug rather than a feature. But for the time being it can almost be useful.

Btw, I like that the focus selector screen is sticky on this camera - unlike the X100 where you need to hold down the button to choose a focus point. But I have to agree with Derek Clark in last week’s comments: it would be nice to at least have the option to set the dedicated Macro button to AF selection. As it is, the placement of that button on the left side of the camera makes it pretty awkward to use while shooting and I’ve defaulted to focus and recompose. Not a big deal most of the time but not ideal when shooting up-close and wide open.

To be really honest though, I’d prefer NOT having an AF selection screen at all and simply accessing live focus selection like we do on DSLRs — hit the selector pad, 2 clicks to the left, shoot, done.  It’s the one thing I truly miss from Nikons. I wonder if there’s a technical reason behind that design choice…


P.S. A few wide open pics from the weekend below…