Fort Chambly | an outing

Oh! How I remember those halcyon days! When my mind was free to roam, when I didn’t question anything and would simply reach across my desk… to grab the X100 when leaving the house for a family outing ;)

I know… First world problem. But the fact is I now have a decision to make: X100 or X-Pro1? When I’m on my own I can opt to take both with me but with three young kids? Let’s just say unencumbered is key here.

Today — after several weeks of intense X-Pro1 use — I settled on the X100. Smaller, easier at one-handed operation (there’s always a smaller hand to hold) and faster… At least for the time being.

Funny how I found myself struggling with the controls for a short while. We’re such creatures of habit that my muscles had totally remapped themselves to the X-Pro1’s layout: up for macro, right side for AFL-AEL, right thumb for play button etc. But I quickly got my groove back. This is my precious after all (!).

We took the kids to Fort Chambly, a french military installation built in 1711 — ancient by our North American standards. It protected la Nouvelle-France against a potential british invasion. I’d visited many years ago, way before I had a family of my own. With the kids and Cynthia on vacation, it seemed appropriate to go back and spend a few hours strolling through fragments of our very young history, dressed in tricornes and justaucorps… Lost in time.