06 squared | long days of summer

I remember it like yesterday. Coming home after that last day of school, teetering on the edge of infinity.
The longest days of the year heralding our passage into the interzone, into a soft limitless future full of crickets, bike rides & lemonade.
Long nights full of stars & the echoes of fireworks
& the sickly scent of marshmallows floating over the embers
 of our dying fire.

NOTES: I shot all these images using the X-Pro1’s built-in monochrome and 1:1 crop modes, using the EVF to preview everything on the fly. I also created a more contrasty monochrome preset in camera, boosting highlights to +1 and shadows to +2. The resulting files were then tweaked in Aperture 3 using a variation of VSCO Film’s Tri-X 400 emulation. Diptych #7 made use of the camera’s multiple exposure option. I’ll have more on that feature in an upcoming post.