Friday odds & ends | June 22, 2012

Now that my X-Pro1 review is behind me (phew!), I thought I’d end the week with a few street pics from the X100 - taken as I was walking to the store to buy its big brother. I may be smitten with the shiny new toy but man… This camera is no slouch. I must admit it’s pretty exciting to own the dynamic duo.

A couple of tidbits:

  • Check out Kevin Mullin’s beautiful X-Pro1 images using its native black and white mode. Stunning work. Makes you want stop using colour altogether.
  • Tony Bridge (whom I mentioned a few weeks ago when I discovered his China series) has his own X-Pro1 review that’s well worth reading if you get a chance.
  • Finally, like a lot of photographers I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to camera bags: I’m addicted. Like Imelda Marcos and shoes. Of course the new Fuji kit has given me a reason to rationalize this addiction. I’ve been looking for something non-intrusive for travel and street photography, something that’ll hold everything I need without screaming “CAMERA STUFF!!!” when walking around. I may have found what I’m looking for thanks to two reviews of Think Tank’s new Retrospective 7 (B&H). One is from Tony Bridge (again), the other is from canadian photographer Roël (who also has a lot of info on the X-Pro1 - who doesn’t these days?).

Actually I might go with the Retrospective 5 (B&H). Not sure yet. But I know it’ll be Pinestone if I flick the switch. Ooohh… Pinestone.
Anyway… It’s Friday and a long weekend for us in Quebec. The kids are now officially on vacation and we’re hitting the pool in 3–2–1…

Later guys ;)