All worn out | metal rings cutting through Fuji X100 strap lugs

UPDATE: The culprits appear to be Fuji’s supplied triangular rings. Reader Jim Stanley had this to say via email:

Concerning the lug wear, just use round clips. After 13 months of at least 2 hours EVERY day with my x100 around my neck or on my shoulder, my x100 shows no signs of lug wear. I have used the Artisan and Artist strap with round metal clip rings since day 1. It looks to me that the triangle clips ride on the sides of the lug and not directly on the inside center of the lug.

He uses an Artist & Artisan strap.


This is something I didn’t see coming. I woke up Saturday morning to the following email from reader David White:

Hi Patrick
I wrote to you from here in Sydney back in August of last year. Anyhow, I thought you might be interested in the following link on X100 lugs wear:

My lugs have also worn, and I’ve since switched to a non-weight bearing wrist strap (other than if I inadvertently dropped the camera, as far as weight goes). You may wish to check your X100’s lugs.


Sydney, Australia

The linked thread is getting quite long and contains several pictures of the problem in question. Of course I took a look at mine as soon as I could and lo and behold:

Not good. The metal is quite worn out and obviously on its way to eventually being cut all the way through as time takes its toll. I’ve been using either Fuji supplied strap or my father’s old Yashica strap with the camera since day one. In both cases they were attached to the lugs using Fuji’s own triangular metal rings. So this isn’t due to using a third-party strap or attachment. It unfortunately appears to be a bad design choice.

As you can see from the pic, I implemented a very crude temporary fix: tie-wraps. At least the plastic won’t do any more damage until I get a better solution.

I don’t know if the X-Pro1 uses the same type of design or material. But if you own one, it might be a good idea to keep your eyes open just in case.

Many thanks go to David for alerting me to this potentially serious situation.