Taxes, links & stuff

Tax time. God how I hate tax time. Doesn’t matter if I have some or not, I carry with me this very strong aversion to the management of money and all activities that surround it. For me, it’s basically a nightmare. Anti-Xmas, so to speak. The studio has been a mess of paperwork but fortunately all the important stuff is now in my accountant’s hands — alea iacta est as they say in portuguese.

Which is one reason why I haven’t been posting and/or socially interacting this past week. The other is that May is shaping up to be pretty busy and I’ve been preparing for a couple of projects coming up as soon as next week. More on that eventually.

Also working on promotion: received my order of WHCC cards and got a nice 50 MOO business cards perk from Klout -more useful than the lady shaver they sent last time (!).

But nothing ever stands still does it? So while I’ve been incommunicado the magical world of photography has kept on keepin’ on…

X-Pro1 avalanche

If like me you’re interested in Fuji’s latest offering bookmark the following url: Fuji X-Pro1 Scoop-It

That’s it. From now on fire this up every night, lose a few hours and dream x-rated dreams - you know what I mean. I was alerted to this one by Morten Byskov who’s been tormenting me with all things X-Pro1 lately - totally an inside joke, sorry ;)

Seriously, this is the most complete ressource I’ve found so far about this camera. Doesn’t really help me sleep… But it does fill my need for vicarious X-Pro shooting these days.

Amongst many other interesting reviews and posts you’ll find my friend Derek Clark’s first X-Pro1/Nikon wedding adventure. This story has everything: trains! misplaced gear! wind & rain! and ultimately - spoiler alert - he used the X much more than he thought he would. A good read and a detailed and honest view into a photographer’s day.

Another X-Pro1 ongoing series I wanted to mention: Adrian Seah’s X-PRO1 DIARIES. Adrian lives in Singapore and is shooting some really nice street with the camera. I’ve been following from day one. Cool stuff.

Zack’s the man

Speaking of cool: just when you think Zack Arias has pretty much reached the aforementioned’s pinnacle… He piles it on. If you haven’t already, head over to Vimeo and check out his latest appearance on Creative Mornings. Refreshing. Honest. Real. Brilliant. You also get to watch his TRANSFORM video and get the backstory on this amazing piece. Just go. Nuff’ said.


Leaving you with some X100 pics as usual. Didn’t do a lot of shooting this week but I’ll be getting my fix starting Monday. I’ll finally be using the X100 for work… Stay tuned.