The incredible lightness of shooting | X100 in the theatre

A quick post — as I likely won’t have time for much more this week. I’m busy shooting and editing for the Ann Brockman dance school — rehearsals all through the week and three shows next weekend. Beautiful production well beyond what you’d expect from this type of venue. Just goes to show how effort and talent will always trump boatloads of money.

I absolutely love shooting dancers. I have this very clear gallery of images in my head whenever I shoot this subject, most of it black and white and very sculptural. I get completely lost in shapes and contrasts, movement. I find it very emotional for some reason.

I’ve been using the X100 a lot during the rehearsals this week and I have to say I’m astonished by its performance. Even more than I thought I’d be. I shoot it very differently than the DSLR but it actually does keep up with the dancers quite well, AF so-called problems be damned. I’ll be using a fast 70–200 telephoto on the D300 during the shows, with the X100 as my wide lens. The AF tracking and burst rate on the Nikon will be essential, but the truth is I prefer the look I’m getting from the Fuji — ain’t that surprising… ;)

Using both cameras on the same gig also highlights how heavy and loud the DLSR kit now feels to me in these circumstances. This isn’t something I used to think about. Professional photographer = big loud camera right? Hmm… I’m not so sure anymore. I find myself growing quite fond of stealthy & light, especially in a theatre setting.

I can’t show anything from the show yet but here are a few peripheral shots from the X100.