Four 2 Five | Flemming Bo Jensen joins the KAGE COLLECTIVE.

Looking back at my last posts and tweets, I’m a little taken aback by my transformation into this vaguely annoying superlatives machine: “Thrilled!”, “Excited!”, “Proud!”, “Fantastic!”, “Amazing!”; It’s just so… Not me. 

But hey, why stop a trend? More superlatives and excitement today… 

Some of the best pictures I’ve seen this year, some of the best words, poetry and reflexions I’ve read on life as well as photography, have been by danish documentary photographer Flemming Bo Jensen. Back in May I mentioned his short essay The Road in a post — after having discovered his blog through Thomas Menk’s page — and I’ve since shared his stories many times via Twitter. I finally decided to get in touch with him after reading his brilliant “The Hopes and Dreams of an Entire Town” entry a few weeks ago. I mentioned KAGE and we started a discussion. It hasn’t stopped.

Today we’re quite proud to announce that Flemming has joined KAGE COLLECTIVE. We honestly hadn’t planned to add anyone this quickly after launch but this was a no-brainer. Incidentally, we had our first official meeting this week — not an easy task with wildly disparate time zones — and the dynamics of this group are fantastic. Frankly, it’s exhilarating. Still more superlatives, I know.

With Flemming’s arrival we’re also launching version 2 of our website, the fruit of discussions and input we’ve received since going live a few weeks ago. Along with a few cosmetic changes and a more visible tagline, we’ve redesigned the site’s landing page by merging it with what used to be our stories page. We’ve also added individual portfolios for all members and will soon have bios online as well. No new essays yet but they’re coming. 

In the meantime, if you haven’t been following Flemming’s Nomad project through his blog, I suggest you head over there and dive in. I’m pretty sure you’ll understand why we’ve now gone from four…

To five.