Published | Yours truly in Rear Curtain magazine.

I’m seriously thrilled about this one: I have a photo essay (and interview) in the brand new issue of Rear Curtain, a brilliant photography magazine focused on stories and documentary work. I have to say, as invested as I am in this virtual world of ours, I still get a thrill from the printed page. There’s something about holding something in your hands, the smell of paper, the texture and weight… It’s why I still print pictures for my own personal pleasure as much as for clients.

Rear Curtain is distributed through MagCloud which means it’s available in both printed and digital format, should you still prefer to read this on your iPad, iPhone or computer. In fact you don”t even need to choose: purchasing the print version allows access to digital as well. Best of both worlds. 

While a few images in the story may have appeared on this site in one form or another, the essay itself — entitled The Deck — is previously unpublished (as are most photos). All shot with both the X-Pro1 and X100 — of course.

Rear Curtain is a labour of love and their mission to promote photographic storytelling is quite inspiring. You can find more information on this and previous issues on their publications page right here.

P.S. Promo shot below: I’m the black and white spread in the middle :)