ramble on | a few miscellanies

With summer on its way, photo season is definitely accelerating - making these posts fewer and far between. So this is just going to be a very quick update.


I can’t stress how valuable Thomas Menk’s X-Pro1 dedicated page on Scoop.it is if you’re at all interested in this camera. The links are top-notch and provide a really interesting glimpse into the reach of Fujifilm’s latest offering. I’ve made it part of my daily routine, and not just for X-Pro1 news: it’s also a way to find great photographer blogs.

I love three things passionately: photography, writing and music. And reading. And a whole lot of other stuff… But, point is: when any two of these combine, it’s a powerful mixture. So go read Tony Bridge’s A photographer’s Hong Kong. You can do it now and come back, I won’t mind. Once you’re done check out The Road from Flemming Bo Jensen. Both are photographers travelling the streets, the roads, the mountains and the plains of the world.

Both also write brilliantly. And there’s that mixture…
I found both of them on Scoop.it - ’nuff said.


Got an email yesterday from photographer Tim Irving whose blog The Negative I’ve been perusing for quite awhile now. But we’d never really exchanged so I was pleasantly surprised to hear from him. Turns out he’s had an X100 for a few months - something I’d totally missed - and he’s created a beautiful hand-made strap to go along with it. He’s taking orders for limited quantities if you’re interested. It certainly should take care of that nasty lug business… More info here. Quick video below.



I. Hate. Group. Portraits.
With a passion. They give me ulcers weeks in advance, butterflies and upset stomach on the day of the shoot. I just can’t help it.

It’s not so much the logistics, or the technical aspects but just the very basic and frightening truth that, most likely, it simply won’t be a great picture. It’ll just be ok. Now, I’m not talking about six people walking around the city, or this amazing outdoors setting or concept that makes the picture worthwhile in itself. That’s fine. I’m talking rushed, indoors, bad office decor staff pictures. You know the kind right? Yeah, those. They make me run for the hills.

So when faced with shooting two groups of 13–14 educators in their cramped workspace, I decided to shake things up. No bad line-ups against a wall with everyone checking their watches… And no “short ones in front, tall ones to the sides” arrangement. I wanted something that wouldn’t make me cringe and that I knew would please them as well. I was already shooting individual portraits against a white background so we added “couple” shots to the workflow - with the intention of using these for a poster-style group shot in the end.

Bottom-line: we had a blast, they’re happy and I’m waaay happier than I would’ve been with a typical office group shot. Now if I can just get my nerves in order for the next one…

I’m leaving you with a few pics from last weekend. And not to jump the gun but… I may well have another more important post this week. Stay tuned ;)

P.S Above: D300. Below: X100. This may change…