Press your space face close to mine, love
Freak out in a moonage daydream oh yeah
— David Bowie

Fifty years.
Half a century since mankind found the audacity to dream of stars and make the impossible possible. I’m not naive enough to deny the political aspects of the space race, its bravado and chest thumping...but despite the underlying goals of powerful men hidden in secret rooms, for one moment, billions were unified. In one moment, the world and our place in the cosmos were irrevocably altered. We suddenly grew up—together.

None of these pictures have anything to do with today’s momentous anniversary—well, apart from that “spectacular” lightbulb shot above (I needed something round). They’re all from yesterday afternoon, before and after the GFX 100 launch at Camtec in Montreal. Captured in the blistering heat covering a big chunk of the western hemisphere right now. 

No, I simply wanted a post published on this date.
To commemorate a time when we weren’t so small, so bitter and so lost.

Shot with the X100F