Are you F$#& kidding Adobe?

I posted this on Facebook a few minutes ago but then realized I absolutely needed to post it here as well. Call this a quick rant or a follow-up.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I had ditched my Adobe subscription and wrote a post about how they tried to bully me into keeping it (telling me I COULDN'T unsubscribe, of all things). But of course they had no choice and since then Lightroom had reverted to "reduced mode"—meaning I could access my libraries and export files but I couldn't edit or make changes. Which was fine.

A few moments ago I launched Lightroom because I needed to do just that. But guess what? I’m now locked out. I’m told the product cannot be activated and my only choice is apparently to...wait for it... subscribe again. So what's going on here? Was reduced mode on a timer? And If it ISN’T on a timer…WTF?

So again: thank you Adobe. I thought I’d keep you around, just in case, even with reduced functions. I thought if EVER I needed you again you’d be there. And maybe this is a bug of some sort…maybe I could get in touch and get this resolved. But you know what? To hell with you. I’m purging my Mac of ANY trace of your software. I’ll launch the terminal if I have to, until there isn’t a single file that begins with the name Adobe.

What an absolute sh%$ of a business you are.

/>end rant

P.S It's also a gorgeous day and stepped out to take a few pics this morning—with the X100F and Instax Wide. Haven't had time to process anything yet—tomorrow maybe.

P.PS Holy shit it gets's what I get from the uninstaller—even though there are NO visible apps running anywhere

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 10.32.19 AM.png