​Adobe: Gone.


UPDATE: Right. So as John helpfully points out in the comments, this is still May. Not June. May. Boy...this probably has to do with the fact that my brain is focused on nothing but June these days. So Adobe did in fact give me a month's notice and my indignation is..err...less than rightful? But: it doesn't change the fact that I was first told point blank I couldn't cancel my membership. And it actually makes it even stranger, given I was well within the window to do so. Mea Culpa...but I'm still fine with the decision.


I’ve made no secret of my distaste for Adobe. Lightroom served me quite well for several years (following Aperture’s demise) but the company itself...I was never a fan. So after a few fits and starts, I finally moved to Capture One and had every intention of canceling my Photography Plan, once its time was up. Then of course I got this one job where I turned to Lightroom—because it was there. And I thought oh well...may as well keep this around just in case...it’s a business expense yada yada yada.

Long story short: my renewal was due this morning, June 18th, and I’d decided to basically stay put. Until I received an email—this morning, June 18th—informing me that my “...annual membership will renew automatically on 18-June-2018 (PT). The terms are outlined below...”. Oh and it included a price hike as well. With every other service I subscribe to (and there are many), a renewal notice will come days or even weeks ahead of a deadline, as a courtesy. As a way of saying hey, we hope you’ll stick around but here’s a heads up before we take your money, in case you’ve changed your mind . Not so here. At the very least Adobe could’ve respected my intelligence and sent an email informing me that my membership had ALREADY been renewed. Which was...you know...the actual reality. I read the message and I thought: ok...enough.



So I log into my account, go to my Plans, click on Manage Plans (as it says on their help page), look for the Cancel button (as it says on their help page)...but it isn’t there. I’m on my iPad so I figure it might be an issue with mobile, so off I go to my Mac—same deal. Then I notice my CC info isn’t up to date (I switched cards recently) so I update the info just in case...and I get a thank you for your payment! message. Great. Time to chat with support. Here’s how it goes:

chat - 1.jpg

Did you get that last paragraph? I’ve hidden the agent’s name because this is clearly company policy at work and I don’t fault her/him at all. But needless to say I’m a little taken aback at this point. Here’s the rest of our exchange:

chat - 3.jpg

Offering discounts when a customer wants to walk away probably dates back to Babylonian times. Every company/seller does it. Perfectly fine. But telling me I CANNOT cancel? Telling me I HAVE to buy their product when I don’t want it? Obviously the company didn’t have a leg to stand on and the agent knew this. But the tactic says a lot about Adobe and how much they care about their customers. It’s called bullying and you know what? There’s enough of that going around these days.

Good. Riddance.
Now Phase One: can you just bite the bullet and support my GFX already? Pretty please?


Happier news: we’re heading into a long weekend in Canada—sort of the official kickoff to “summer”. Héloïse has 3 ballet recitals lined up so we’ll be busy. And if you’re looking for inspiration/reading: our new KAGE issue is out.

Have a great one all :)