I’ll never understand the psychology of unprovoked assault, in any form. I was brought up with a very deep awareness of others—neighbours, strangers, flora and fauna. Respect was an important word growing up. So the idea of breaking into someone’s home and’s a violation I can’t even fathom.

My very good friend and KAGE colleague Bert Stephani was robbed this week. I’ve slept at his home, I’ve met his wonderful family...picturing these events sends shivers down my spine. Our buddy Derek Clark wrote about this as well and I thought I’d quote from his post. Sums it up quite well:

My Kage Collective buddy Bert Stephani, who a lot of you will know as a Fujifilm X-Photographer, excellent photographer and all round nice guy, has had his camera gear stolen.

Bert is based in Belgium and while he was out doing a talk at a local camera club, thieves were breaking into his house and stealing most of his camera gear. He is a professional photographer, so he depends on his equipment to be able to make a living. Not only was Bert doing the talk for free, but he often works on a project to help refugees. Nice guys don't just finish last, they get humped!

Here is a list of his stolen gear, plus serial numbers. It was stolen in Belgium, but it could easily pop up anywhere in Europe and could be available internationally through Ebay.

Fuji GFX50S SN:71005024 (Fuji strap was attached, contained 2 Lexard cards, probably without battery charger or any of the other supplies accessories)

Fuji GF63mm SN: 75A02439

Fuji GF110mm SN: 76A01409

Fuji X-T2 It has one of the special customized serial numbers: BERT S1 (There was a green strap attached, probably without a battery charger, flash or any other accessory, there were 2 SanDisk cards in there.)

Fuji XF16-55mm SN:56A23230 (probably without lens cap, was attached to the X-T2)

Fuji XF50-140mm can't find the serial number, it didn't have the tripod collar attached

Fuji XF100-400mm SN65A07297

These items will probably be offered without box, lens cloths, or any of the accessories they should come with. If you see anything that might be Bert's, please contact him at

Of course the clincher is that—due to fine print—insurance won’t cover. If you see anything or hear anything don’t hesitate to get in touch. And check that fine print before it’s too late.

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