Forget the net

Following up on the last post and that desire to now ebbs and flows, constantly. Some days, some weeks even, I won’t even look at a camera unless I have a job to shoot. It’s rare but not as rare as it used to be—it was a damn near impossibility at some point in my life. I still think about photography and frame images in my mind...but I don’t systematically act on it. I’ve been aware of this change for awhile now and it’s somewhat disconcerting—as though I once needed to shout from the rooftops but have now said my piece. Can we be done at some point? Can we gaze upon this world and shrug, content with the work we’ve done? God I hope not. The mere thought of it depresses me.

I was reading a post about pushed Tri-X and as I browsed the images, I thought about the control we now hold in our hands, about simple decisions we can make that disregard the quest for perfection. And I thought about the ease with which we forget about those controls, as we pursue the next shiny new toy. I love the X-Pro2. When I first got this camera I immediately grabbed onto the Acros film simulation, testing it in various scenarios. It’s still a favourite of mine to this day. But I sort of “forgot” how much I loved it on the X-Pro2 at ISO 2000 SPECIFICALLY—for me, this is where the simulation shines, achieving a perfect balance of grain/noise/detail. So I grabbed the camera, turned the ISO dial and switched to my Moriyama pushed Acros preset. To hell with a safety net.

I felt that giddiness, that joy and pulsing wave rushing through me again.
No silly, we’re never done.

Shot with the X-Pro2 and XF 35mm f2 R WR