Quick Tidbits on a Cold Thursday

It's freeeezing this morning...which is apparently always the case anytime I hang around with Fujifilm Canada's Francis Bellefeuille. From now on he's Mr. Freeze. There, serves him right. I'll be testing the GFX50S and two lenses: the 63mm f/2.8 and the 32-64mm f/4. I'll have more about the GFX in the near future but let's just say I see this new system as a very targeted workhorse—hence my interest in the general purpose zoom as opposed to the 50mm equivalent prime. BUT: results are important. I'm interested in sharpness, sure, but I'm much more interested in a look. This'll be the deciding factor. Of course, I should have images to share in the coming days...snowmen and ice queens ;)


Had the pleasure of chatting with Valérie Jardin on her new podcast. It's always fun but the current circumstances and events forced a more serious conversation, questions on our role as creatives in the current landscape. This is episode 21 and it's entitled In Tumultuous Times (iTunes link). 


I have to mention this: I'm on a short list for Most Influential Street Photographer for 2017 as compiled by streethunters.net. Huge honour and a big surprise. The deadline for voting is midnight February 10th. Tons of ridiculously good photographers and friends there so...good luck to all :)


I've been playing with Instagram a lot more in the past months—trying to post on a more regular basis. My love of photographic essays and series has always made that platform less of a pull for me, almost the antithesis of what I drives me. But I'm now trying to see it as an ongoing project as opposed to just one-off image posts. To this end, I've started a series under the hashtag #aseriesofdreadfullycommoninstances. Because...why make it simple when you can add as many letters as possible? The idea is basically an extension of what I've always done, focusing on ways to view the mundane in new light. I'm listed as laroquephotogram if you're around.

Two more things I want to mention:

-My friend Ian McDonald wrote a brilliant and very personal post entitled ON CREATIVITY, PERSPECTIVE, AND ACCEPTANCE.

-Olaf Sztaba—another talented Canadian colleague—has just launched an educational platform called Simplicity in Seeing.

Wish me luck in our arctic world...Now a few random images for good measure (Héloïse was home sick, poor kiddo).

All images shot with a pre-production X100F