I know this isn't why most of you come here and when I first mentioned this project, I said I didn't want to dwell on it for too long. So here we are: done. This album is homemade and imperfect but I'm glad it was essentially one quick impulse, entirely built on the back of urgency; because I needed it to be completed in a hurry—for fear of seeing it turn into a silent killer, poisoning my bloodstream.

There's a deliberate thematic arc from beginning to end, a bit like a short story, however abstract and obscure. This is something I've rarely (if ever) tried with music: sirius rider is about the rise of intolerance and wish for escape; an escape into the corollary is essentially a narration, a man navigating the new reality; & we howl (aquarians) is the rebellion; foundations is about hope. You can listen to the entire album here or check out the two songs video preview below.

Why do this at all? Call it an exorcism for one, but also a clear marker: I want to be on record for opposing the gross misconduct and dangerous rhetoric of these times. And I'm willing to accept any consequences. I grew up with the knowledge of horrors men had fought and died to oppose; with a threat of nuclear proliferation that ultimately led to a certain world order, each side realizing the danger this posed for the human race and coming to its senses. I remember the fall of the Berlin wall and what it represented. The fall of the wall. As imperfect as our world still is, there has never been a more peaceful time in our history. And yet a handful of individuals now threatens to throw everything into chaos, in the name of personal glory and racist agendas—using made-up threats and fictional visions of carnage, empty promises that prey on hopes for a world that no longer exists. We are witnessing first hand how easily humanity devolves into herd mentality when riled up by demagogues, how democracy hinges on fragile principles that can only survive as long as we are willing to uphold them.

But there IS resistance. In fact, I can't remember mobilization at this level, from all corners of society and in so many countries at once. Social media is a double-edged sword bitch. Seeing journalists (yes, REAL journalists still exist) finally standing up to lies (yes, FACTUAL and VERIFIABLE lies also exist); seeing judges, attorneys and other civil servants on both sides of the aisle willing to put their jobs on the line; ordinary people defending their neighbours and taking to the streets...I have to believe love will destroy hate in the end, as corny and simplistic as it sounds. And if this all seems like a lot of grandstanding on my part then so be it—sometimes we need to.

This project is free to download, free to share, free to whatever the hell you want to do with it. All I ask is that you play it really, really loud... ;)
Now, enough sidetracking...back to photography.