The Thousand Steps

On Saturday she had a sleepover—a friend's birthday. Much excitement as always...our roaming girl, constantly on the move. Then on Sunday we drove her to Maricourt to spend a few days with her grandparents for Spring Break, a mini-vacation she booked on her own, weeks ago. After lunch, she couldn't wait for us to leave; this was now her space, not ours; not her brother's or sister’s. She's growing up, our little girl, and I have a feeling she'll be on her own much sooner than later. It scares me to my bones. 

But then...when I travel she's the one who misses me most. She sends me long emoji texts, filled with hearts and smileys and kisses; cakes and thumbs ups and cool sunglasses. New hieroglyphics to signal we still matter. 

How all of us will always, always matter.

Shot with a pre-production X100F