Table Organics

I'm working through ideas for an upcoming portrait project, playing with various scenarios—lighting, focal length, colour—and the process has made me realize I miss managed shooting. I love chaos and get a thrill out of pure randomness, but there's also a rush to the deliberate crafting of a visual object. It's two sides of a same coin, both essential...but when left to my own devices I can easily favour one over the other. Shooting the GFX and anticipating how I’ll be using it has brought back a taste for control.

So I took an hour or so yesterday to just shoot a few purely aesthetic images in a controlled setting—one strobe with a grid, a couple of house plants on our dinner table. I used the venerable 60mm f/2.4 and MCEX-11 (on and off). I shot uncompressed raw and used the files to test Capture One Pro 10—yeah, I pulled that update trigger. I'm not about to do the Big Switch (yet again), but it's abundantly clear how superior this app is at extracting the most detail from raf files. The decoding is better but also the tools available—structure for instance. Version 10 adds local sharpening and very impressive output sharpening that can be targeted and previewed—way beyond what Lightroom currently offers. Adobe needs to get their $#@ together IMHO. I hate that Phase doesn't support lossless compression and the app is still no speed demon... but regardless, this update has me contemplating a mixed app scenario once more. Here we go again.

Have a great weekend all :)

Shot with the X-Pro2 and XF 60mm f/2.4