Reacquaintance. Systems.

I need to kickstart the engine. The past months have been rewarding, tiring, hard and fantastic all at once. But I’ve missed writing and taking pictures just for the sake of...writing and taking pictures. I’ve missed hanging out here, essentially.’s turned into a bit of a ghost town hasn’t it?

So with things settling down a bit—fingers crossed—I’d like to open the windows and let the air in again. Get back to thinking out loud without a looming deadline, to looking at the world with somewhat refreshed eyes. I started doing this in Quebec City two weeks ago, a story that’s in this month’s KAGE issue. I’m pushing myself to pick up the camera the way I used to, without aim or preconception...

This morning I took Cynthia’s car to the garage—yup, time for those damn snow tires again. I left it there and walked home, past the tracks & dried reeds. I set the camera to my Soft Chrome setting—something I rarely use. But I wanted it different, I wanted it new...I wanted it unsettling
thru mild shockwaves
that would stir the system.

Shot with the X-Pro2 and XF 35mm f/2.0 R WR