X100F: A promo shoot

I got a call a few days before Christmas, about shooting a promo video for the X100F right after New Year. Tight deadline given the January 19th launch date. Like most of you—I imagine—I'm usually the guy behind the camera...unless my buddy Bert is aiming a GoPro at my face during a European trip; but I digress ;)

This turned out to be a fun and relaxed affair: day one for the interview, day two on the streets. Very, VERY cold streets. Oh and all those exteriors were shot with the brand spanking new XT-20. Anyway, video below (there might be an extended version at some point) and images from the street shoot right after. Many thanks to Fujifilm's Francis Bellefeuille for his work and patience—and to Billy-Fuji Guy-Luong for the opportunity.

And in case you're wondering: I still prefer the back of the camera (!)

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