Garden (the video) & Fujilove


Here we are, another week over. First day of a three day workshop for me however so...street shooting here I come again. Been doing this a lot lately and it's good to be back at it on a regular basis. Fine tunes the instincts.

If you happen to be a Fujilove Premium member, don't miss my article in the June issue of their monthly magazine this weekend: Searching for Saul- The Street @ 90 and Other Thoughts. That community is on fire btw and Tomash has been doing a pretty incredible job. Lots of perks for members too.'s another cover for me. That's two in a month. Damn, someone pinch me—or not, come to think of it...

To celebrate I thought I'd share a short video I created for my last conference. It's an adaptation of the initial post in the Six Days in Tokyo series: Garden.

Have a great one :)