Making the Cover

A change of tone and a bit of an uplift today: the June issue of Photo Life is out and one of my pictures made the cover. I'm super thrilled about it. I've been working with the magazine for a few months now and they're just a great bunch of people to collaborate with. I'm even mentioned in the that's just icing on the cake.

Obviously—as iPad bound as I am— I had to get my hands on an honest to goodness non electron-based copy this time around. It's just cheaper to frame ;)

Hidden away: Lightroom's Loupe Overlay used to visualize various cover possibilities. 

When they told me about this possibility, Guy Langevin—the magazine's editor—sent me a template to play around with and help with image selection. I used Lightroom's little known (and slightly hidden) Loupe Overlay feature to load the PNG file and visualize various possibilities, which I then sent in for review. Fun process really.

My article this month is entitled The Fleeting Masterpiece - A Traveller's Guide to Street Photography and the issue—packed full of great articles and imagery—just hit newsstands. Gotta say it's quite an honour to be included alongside such a stellar body of work.

If you're interested, the magazine is also available through the Photo Life app or their official website.