2015 Global Photo Walk | Montreal

Photo walks always strike me as odd creatures: a gathering around an activity that’s mostly rather private and—let’s face it— doesn’t usually involve moving around with a massive posse. It’s always strange to suddenly become part of a slow, lumbering, camera-carrying meta-beast. But of course it’s about community and meeting others who share the same passion, either as a hobby or a job—because none of that matters; we’re ALL photographers.

This year’s 500px Global Photo Walk was sponsored by Fujifilm and the Montreal chapter was organized by Alexandre Trudeau-Dion who did a great job. The delightful Valérie Racine of Photo Life/Photo Solution was there representing the magazine, lots of folks from the local camera clubs and thriving Fuji community. Always fun to see familiar faces and get a chance to catch up with everyone.

Still, beyond the talking and the socializing it’s all about imagery right? So here’s some of my output for the day. Just one big chronological series. Oh and that last photo? Yeah…don’t shoot and drive kids.

All images shot with the X100T