New book & more: These kings. These subterraneans.

1EYE, ROAMING was a necessary first publication, for many reasons. It frames the origins of a new journey, my first tentative steps with the X-series and the beginnings of a storytelling approach. It's an adaptation of material that was important to me and as such it made sense for it to be gathered and presented the way it was. First stone. Stretching the canvas. But even as I was working on it, even on the very day of its release I knew: 1EYE, ROAMING wasn't about where I was—it was about where I'd been. 

The next project would be profoundly different.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to create something that would blend it all: photography, words, music. Maybe with a few sketches thrown in. A work I could point to and say: look, that's me, for whatever it's worth. But I kept procrastinating, unsure of the direction or form it should take.

When I started giving conferences a couple of years ago it strangely began paving the way for this type of work to finally happen, by allowing me to explore different avenues for presenting ideas, forcing reflections I may not otherwise have spent much time on. Then at some point I also started writing songs again; I didn't expect to release anything (music and I have a troubled history) but I badly needed the outlet. Slowly, through it all, I began imagining more.

Over the holidays I read Dan Winter's life changing Road to Seeing and wrote a post entitled Go Deep, my first one of 2015. In retrospect, this is the moment when it all suddenly made sense: why not? Why not an explosion? Why not a weird composite object to scream or whisper it all in a single uninterrupted stream of consciousness? That post, almost a New Year's became the plan, the guiding light.

 Cue these kings. these subterraneans.

Here's an excerpt from the project page—it's the best explanation I've come up with so far:

Let’s say we’re having a beer. It’s a nice, cool summer evening and we’re sitting in some hip café, shooting the breeze, going from one topic to the next. Now let’s imagine that while we’re having this conversation, you somehow get injected inside my head—like Fantastic Voyage or Innerspace you know? Yeah, old movies...whatever...but though the psyche instead of the blood stream. Images are fading in and out, seemingly random and yet somehow connected. There’s music playing, enveloping the landscape, voices slightly out of range. All the while you can still hear me, murmuring ideas about photography...sometimes going into more personal subjects.

That’s what I had in mind with this. It’s a slice of my brain circa 2015, a project meant to share thoughts and emotions through words, images and music. A raw, disjointed and slightly oneiric journey that I hope will pull you in for the ride.


I know. You're probably thinking "But...what is it exactly?"
It's a mixed media project—which is a fancy way of saying it's not just a book: it's a photography book AND a music album. The book is in PDF format (landscape), 120 pages, 25 colour photographs, 24 monochromes. Drawings, lyrics, short essays and anecdotes. The album features 8 songs in 256 kbps AAC (m4a). All of this available in a single digital download. 

Personal projects can be very volatile, as we go from certainty to doubt and back again. But sometimes they assert themselves out of a sheer sense of urgency. This has been a long and arduous journey for me and I've rarely been this absorbed, at times paralyzed by a project. I also believe it's probably my most personal effort to date, leaving me—to be perfectly honest— in a very vulnerable state. Releasing this feels a lot like placing my head on a chopping block and hoping for the best, damn the consequences. Because it's also a snapshot—this IS where I am, today. WHO I am. It's not a compilation or a look back, there's no distance this time around: it's here and now. Open heart surgery.

I'm very proud to say this is also the first release under KAGE EDITIONS, a new umbrella we'll be using for personal projects.

For the next two weeks (until October 8th) these kings. these subterraneans | Mixed Media Edition (book+music) is available at a special introductory price of $9.99 CAD. For more info and previews please visit the project page here.

I did this for myself. We always do. But I'm hoping this strange object will succeed in touching some of you as well, somehow.

These kings. These subterraneans. | mixed media edition

This is the complete digital project which includes both the music album and book with full text, photographs and illustrations.
BOOK: PDF format (landscape), 120 pages. 25 colour photographs, 24 monochromes.
ALBUM: 8 songs, 256 kbps AAC (m4a), running time 34 minutes.


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