August & the City Diptychs

Boy is it getting harder not to see the end. The back to school specials are out in full force, conversations are increasingly revolving around what the new year will bring... Our few remaining weekends are now planned and counted. Yup, it's definitely August.

Our trip to PEI was a wonderful way to actually breathe in, tune out and disconnect... I should make a point of doing it a couple of times a year: it reboots the brain and provides some needed perspective. Of course I had a camera in hand the whole time but hey, that's my own private idiosyncrasy ;)

Summer isn't over yet of course but I'm slowly getting back into work mode: had a bunch of files to send this week, ongoing projects to get back into and upcoming stuff to prepare. Plus I had a one day workshop scheduled on Tuesday so I had to get those seascapes out of my head, shake off the red sand and return to being a thinking photographer/teacher. Always a treat though, always a new adventure. I usually shoot quite a bit myself during these events but we covered so much ground that I ended up mostly talking up a storm. It was still nice to do some street work again and I'm including some of it below. 

I'll be doing a multi-part series on our PEI roadtrip in the next few days/weeks—depending on my schedule. I had nothing but my X100T on this trip (my usual travel kit) and again, it delivered tenfold. Man I love that camera. I've returned to Classic Chrome after a brief relapse to the ProNeg Standard film simulation in the past couple of months. At some point it just felt like I needed that flatter, more neutral file to work from but after seeing the results from our island vacation... I'm sticking to Chrome for the foreseeable future. The amount of post I need to do on CC files is just ridiculously minimal, to the point where I'm sometimes affraid I'm losing something in the process, my own visual personality maybe?... But I look at the images and I can't fault anything in terms of tone. To my eyes it totally works. 

Needless to say that's how I shot these workshop images.
I hope you're all having a wonderful time. Enjoy it while it lasts. 

Have a great weekend :)

Shot with the X100T