Clearing the Fields

There are two major annual shifts in my life: New Year (obviously) and September. In both cases I feel a need to dust off the cobwebs and re-assess everything—workflow, apps, work environment, gear, you name it. It's always a bit daunting at first but I never regret the changes I make and the stuff I leave behind. 

I'm at it again this week, looking at every piece of the puzzle, getting rid of what no longer makes sense and making sure I get the most of both my tools and my physical space. I'm always amazed at how easily we fall into repetition for its own sake, just because we've settled into a specific way of working or gotten used to what's around us. Questioning the status quo is a necessary exercise that goes a long way towards clearing my mind and—hopefully—working more efficiently. I've even set a visual countdown to September 1st, to help me focus. It may seem silly but with days blurring into each other the way they now inevitably do, it's like a temporal anchor, preventing me from drifting.

It's been a big year in terms of lifestyle changes—something I plan on writing about in an upcoming "sidetrack" kind of post; one not so much about photography but organization in general. I'm still perfecting what is still (and should always be) a work in progress but I believe it may be worth discussing at this point, so stay tuned.

In the meantime—and until the PEI series begins later this week—here's a few from Sunday evening, after a long weekend of grass cutting, seeding, stone placing, digging and shrub transplanting. It’s August but we've barely been here all summer and besides: those damn cobwebs are everywhere.

Shot with the X-T1 and XF 35mm f/1.4 R