Montreal Under Gray

I’m facing a growing backlog of things I need to post but at the risk of repeating myself, I’m going environmental again—hopefully for the last time. I’ve been working on a project for a couple of months now for which I need to shoot outdoors, and I can’t tell you how painful it’s been out there this year. It’s not just having to wear gloves and freezing all the time but the light… Dear god, the light. I’m drowning in gray. Just drowning in it. 

These are from yesterday. They may or may not make the cut—most of the final images have been selected already and some are in pre-press— but I thought I’d post a few here to… I don’t know… Exorcise the demons or something. Wash that gray right out of my hair (!)

A side-note for those who may be interested: I’ve re-published my review of the Elinchrom Deep Octa and Mathews C-stand. I had to take it offline a while ago because of a weird formatting glitch that messed up my entire RSS feed. In fact that entire original post had to be deleted due to some sort of corruption. Ghost in the machine.

Now I solemnly swear: next post will NOT be about the weather. Maybe some theatre work I’ve been meaning to post for a long time or an art installation I shot two weeks ago. Anything but neutrals and winter ramblings… I'm annoying myself at this point.

Have a great weekend guys :)

Shot with the X100T and the X-T1 with Edge 80 optic.