Green & Bikes & Avatars

I shot these images last weekend and what a warm, beautiful day it wa… ???… I just fell asleep again didnt’ I? Stupid valiums. Ok, I just wanted some green on the blog today. That’s all. Not white, not gray or brown, just frikin’green already. Partly because I still have to get dressed for the Iditarod every morning but also because we watched Avatar over the weekend; yes, THAT Avatar and yes, six years late. And btw: good god what an awful movie that is. I have no words. Like watching a really bad kids movie for three hours. Or a CGI demo reel. But… There WERE a lot of lush green landscapes—alien lush green landscapes but still. Gave me the blues for the real thing.

I bought a mountain bike last summer; nothing crazy, just your run of the mill bike on sale at Canadian Tire. I just wanted two wheels again, the wind on my face and the smell of pine. Man do I ever miss it right now. These are from last June, on my first outing. Then a few days later I took some shots in the studio just for kicks.

It’s hanging from the ceiling these days, my faithful steed; waiting for the sun to shine and the ice to melt.

Waiting for green grass and mud on the ground.

Shot with the X-T1 and XF 23mm f1.4 R (XF 60mm f2.4 R Macro on some studio shots)