I’m back from the long Labour Day weekend. Bitter sweet this year as my wife’s grandmother passed away and we needed to attend the service in Victoriaville — such is life… Brittle, transient, finite. This morning we also sent our youngest to her very first day of school; another big page we’ve just turned on our ongoing journey.

But enough philosophical sulking already… What I really want to talk about today is a project I alluded to a few weeks ago: the complete redesign of the Kage Collective website. As of yesterday evening it’s finaly alive, kicking and out of the confines of virtual limbo.

Although we’ve gone though several iterations of the website since we first launched in 2012 (the move from Squarespace V5 to V6 was a big step) this is the most comprehensive rethinking of the platform, both visually and in terms of content. We set out with three goals in mind:

  • Impact. We wanted the entire site to feature large immersive images, front and center. Photography needed to permeate every corner.
  • Organization. With more content and projects on the horizon, we needed a layout that would allow every individual section its own space and identity.
  • New voice. This was suggested early on and it’s one of the features we’re most excited about: a new blog called Chronicle to which all of us will be contributing. We’ll be sharing backstories, editorials, BTS segments as well as gear ideas and reviews from time to time. Mostly it’ll be a way for us to share some of our internal discussions on photography, maybe rant and rave a little.

Two new sections have been added that didn’t exist before: Publications (currently contains links to books each of us have published so far) and Events (filled with our Photokina speaking engagements right now). An upcoming Workshops section will soon centralize information from each of our individual offerings.

If you use RSS to stay up to date with various sites we also now have two aggregate feeds available: KAGE POSTS & STORIES contains posts from the Stories and Chronicle sections while KAGE UBER adds all our individual blogs to this mix.

Obviously this launch also means brand new content:

  • In Chronicle: Being Born | KAGE Phase II from yours truly, The Luxury of Failure from Bert Stephani and Slowing down with the X-Pro1 from Craig Litten (a reprint from his own blog). Look for a great post from Derek Clark in the coming weeks.
  • In Stories: Week/Week from Bert Stephani, a touching and very personal essay from Bert on being a part-time dad featuring superb, gut-renching monochrome diptychs.

We hope you’ll enjoy the changes and join us on what’s shaping up to be a pretty great trip ahead. A lot more to come.