Stuff: WPP. X30. Photokina.

Bit of a hodgepodge this fine morning — tying up loose ends so to speak. Here goes…


I mentioned a few posts ago that I'd been invited to speak at Photokina: the ramp up to the event is now in full swing with Fujifilm releasing a dedicated mini-site as well as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. The site includes the full schedule and roster of speakers which (I can now say) include my KAGE comrades Bert Stephani and Kevin Mullins, Zack Arias, Eric Bouvet and tons of other inspiring photographers. I’ll be speaking at the dedicated Fuji stage on the 16th at 2PM and on the 17th at 11AM. I’ll also be at the Fuji booth to answer questions or chat for at least an hour following each event; quite a few of you have already told me you’ll be dropping by so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone out there. Then on Thursday night I’m indulging in German beer — just sayin’ ;)

Speaking of Instagram, I’m thinking of creating an account for this kind of stuff. I’m still on the fence about it though. Truth is I’m a bit pissed against Instagram because they’ve essentially hijacked thelaroquephoto account I created some years ago without ever using it (it contains a single test image taken with a crappy Blackberry phone). My password no longer works (not sure why) and the password reset email NEVER comes in, even though I’m using the correct email address — this is an ongoing problem apparently. And then there’s the whole Facebook background: I. Hate. Facebook. So… Meh. Not sure. But I figure it could be a fun way to share “backstage” images or BTS stuff. I’ll keep you posted…


I’m not in the market for this camera — gotta set SOME limits for myself to avoid divorce ;)
But what’s most interesting about this release is how it sheds light on the road ahead: there are a lot of super nice improvements; important improvements that could eventually (fingers crossed) trickle up/down to other bodies: spot metering is no longer confined to centre (it now meters from any selected AF point), exposure compensation in manual mode in conjunction with Auto ISO, a dedicated raw mode for the EVF that bypasses the JPEG engine, stratospheric improvements to movie mode (that list alone goes on and on), a customizable Q Menu (YAY!!) etc…

Of course it also incorporates the wifi capabilities and all other features that are now becoming standard across the board. As I said, this isn’t a camera I’ll be purchasing but man… It paints an exciting future.


I attended the opening of the World Press Photo exhibit in Montreal last night. An impressive gathering of some of the most stunning images of the year across several categories. Always a pleasure to see actual prints of pictures you’ve only been experiencing on a screen — the physical experience is something else entirely. The room was packed, they had a very good Italian lager I’d never tasted before… See how this comes back to beer? Great evening overall.

Leaving you with a few images from that — very warm — night below…

Shot with the X-T1 and XF 23mm f/1.4