The Parking Lot

Every year my mother-in-law takes one of the kids to the theatre. Not just our kids: it rotates through all the little ones in the family as soon as they’re old enough. This year… Well, this year is Anaïs’s turn. First time. The baptism.

The Théatre de la Dame de Coeur specializes in a very special type of play: the actors are all... Giant puppets. Enormous, sometimes gargantuan characters manned by expert puppeteers. It happens outdoors, under the stars, way past bedtime… Magic. 

I wish I could show some of it but I can’t; I’m not part of this. This is a moment between a grandmother and her granddaughter.

Right now we’re just waiting for the pick up…
Biding our time in the parking lot.


Shot with the X100. Processed with a mix of VSCO 04 and 02.