I Slide | VSCO Film 04

"i could never understand the wind at all
was like a ball of love i could never never see
the cosmic sea was like a bumblebee 
and when i'm sad
i slide"

Here’s a little secret: some of my images in the past few weeks were experimentally processed with beta versions of VSCO Film 04. So you’ve already had a glimpse of some of these film emulations at work. This new pack is all about slide films (positive films if you prefer) from Kodak, Agfa and Fuji, including a few that should be well known to X shooters: Provia, Astia and Velvia. 

One of the great advantages of VSCO Film is how much you can tweak everything , so you can certainly tone down the dial on 04 presets, but then you'd be missing out... The number one reason to get this pack is colour — screaming, bleeding, dripping colour. And contrast. In your face contrast. It includes two instances of the king of colour itself Fuji Velvia (50 and 100), as well as the very rare, limited run Fuji Fortia SP. If you’re into blues and reds, welcome to the Land O Sat:

So in order that's: Fuji Velvia 50 Balance Warm, Fuji Fortia SP+++, Fuji Fortia SP+++, Fuji Velvia 50+++, Fuji Velvia 100+++. Now at the other end of the spectrum is the much more muted Fuji Astia 100F and the one black and white film included this time around: Agfa Scala 200. S'more pics below...

Pretty self-explanatory: Colour=Astia, BW=Agfa.
Then comes Provia (100F and 400X) and three Kodak films: E100G, E100VS and E200...

And those are: Kodak 100VS+++, Kodak E200++ Alt, Fuji Provia 400X, Fuji Provia 100F++++.

All the films come in several variations that usually affect toning and contrast. A few of them also include portrait versions that are more subtle than their standard counterparts. Profiles for Fuji X cameras are of course part of the package but support has now also been added for Sony, Olympus and Leica.

There’s always a bit of controversy surrounding these releases — it makes all our images look the same, it’s a one click solution, how can this be worth the money, etc, etc… Well, it’s no secret that I like these guys and I happen to like what they do precisely because I’m not a one click preset person. I’ve said this a million times before but I’m going to say it again: you can do anything you want with these; It’s a starting point, a source of visual inspiration or an end in itself… It’s whatever you make it. Mix and match, tweak the curves or just play with the contrast, these presets take on an entirely different personality depending on how you use them. Is there a baseline? Sure there is. The point is to recreate the feeling of analog photography so there’s always going to be that common ground. But as I was telling a friend of mine recently: 15 guys all shooting Tri-X has never been an issue, so why is it a problem when those same guys all use a digital interpretation of it? Isn’t this like… The same thing?

Anyway… The last image is Agfa Scala 200 Contrast+++ switched to colour. Just because I can ;)
VSCO Film 04 is available here. The usual two weeks discount is on until August 20th and as always it can be combined with the loyalty rebate (for those who own another VSCO product).

Another very cool addition to the toolset.

UPDATE: In the comment section Stephen McCullough pointed out something I forgot to mention: the new VSCO installer now allows you to select which manufacturer profiles you wish to install. It's no longer an all or nothing affair. Huge improvement over having to clean things up yourself, getting rid of Canon if you shoot Nikon etc.