A big bunch of anything


I was over at a client’s house last night, delivering the results of her shoot, and I took the camera with me. Not that I needed it, not because I was following the oft repeated mantra of always having a camera with you. No, I brought it with me because I hadn’t touched a camera in three days and I was going bonkers. I’ve talked about this before but it bears repeating: this craft of ours is an addiction. I genuinely feel bad, or wrong when I spend more than a few days without pressing a shutter. Especially when I’m editing for hours on end or going through the motions of photography-related work… But not actual photography.

So I shot a few frames yesterday evening. Then this morning I shot a couple more walking the kids to the bus stop. Nothing special. But man do I feel better. Thankfully, a week from now I’ll be pressing shutters like a madman in a foreign country. 
Yay :)

Shot with the X-Pro1 and Fujinon XF 35mm F1.4 R