Liquid Tests


I'm busy finishing off a few projects, tying off loose ends before leaving for Cuba next week for a personal matter. I'll be there eight days and I'm hoping to get at least one story out of it, although I have no idea how mobile I'll actually be over there.

I've also been busy working on a revamp of the Kage Collective website with the guys. Visual changes will be part of it but our motivation is mostly about backend functionality and an easier way to each manage our own material. The goal is to be able to publish more stories, more frequently and without as much overhead. We'll be launching with a spectacular new essay from Flemming Bo Jensen and Derek Clark is on fire these days with fantastic stories waiting in the wings.

Last week Fujifilm Canada organized a phone conference with canadian X Photographers. I'm hoping we'll eventually get to be in the same room together but it was nice to hear everyone's ideas, get a chance to learn a bit more about each other. Fuji has done a great job assembling a roster of seriously talented photographers with very distinct personalities, something that could perhaps eventually lead to common projects. 

I had planned to finally blog about a couple of shoots this week but frankly, I just don't have the time. So I'll just leave you with some experimental stuff I've been working on involving water, submersed speedlights and radio triggers. These are basically tests for an eventual project.