Switching to V6: what's going to change?


UPDATE: if you're reading this chances are you're now on the new site already. It also seems the RSS feed has been transferred correctly which means you shouldn't have to change anything if you're subscribed. Let me know if you're seeing odd stuff going on. Hope you like the new digs ;)

Hey everyone! Just a heads up to let you know I’ve decided to switch to Squarespace V6 over this coming weekend. It’s part of my ongoing quest for simplification. I’ve been testing it for quite some time and it’s now ready to launch. It’s not a crazy overhaul, just something a bit more discreet that also does away with most of the distractions which had slowly crept into the blog page. I’d already been cleaning away some of the widgets here as a matter of fact. I want the photography to be front and centre.

V6 is still a young platform but many of the earlier quirks have been ironed out and it provides a much quicker and slicker interface. Less time managing the blog, more time shooting and writing.

You may have to update your RSS feed if you’re following with Google Reader or some other aggregator. I’m really not sure to be honest. I do know that eventually the feed will be: http://www.laroquephoto.com/blog?format=rss — So you may want to update it after reading this post.

There is one major casualty though: the Meetup. Unfortunately the discussion module hasn’t been replicated in V6 which means it won’t follow. I know it wasn’t the busiest discussion forum on the web but still… I liked having an area where we could share ideas. I’ve printed all those discussions to PDF for posterity.

Btw you ou can already access the new site at: patrick-laroque.squarespace.com. I’m hoping this move won’t cause too much disruption.

Have a great weekend all :)

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