Questions & vision.

You can feel so small and insignificant at times. I visited the World Press Photo exhibition last Friday with a good friend of mine. He’s a musician not a photographer, but we reacted the same way to most of the pictures — a side effect of being so close for so many years I guess. Brainwaves end up searching for similar patterns.

What an amazing and diverse collection of pictures this is. It makes you look at your own work with new eyes, forces you to evaluate the merits of how and what you’re shooting. Your goals, your direction, your place in this photographic landscape.

I’d seen many of these images online throughout the year but the exhibition is an absolute testament to the power of large format prints. Beyond retina displays and 27in monitors, the printed image retains a grandeur & emotional pull that’s simply missing from its electronic counterparts.

I came home with just a handful of images on my memory card that day. But with my eyes filled with beauty & torment, my mind lost in questions.