A Lost Week


“I don’t want to stage, I don’t want to invent or pose. I want to witness.”

It’s been a long week. A lost week. Good thing we had a bonus day. Caught a nasty bug that had me lying in bed, not eating for two days. My head’s still spinning and my legs are shaky but I’m over the worst of it. So… Sorry for the lack of updates guys.

My X100 is back. Just received it about an hour ago. Frankly, it looks brand new: new lens assembly, new grip sheets, new plate, all nicely packaged with plastic film. Turnaround was two days as promised, next day delivery and all free of charge. Even got a personal phone call from Gerry at the service center to let me know it was on its way and everything was ok. Great guy too. This is the sort of service that breeds confidence - well done and many thanks.

Shot a couple of frames. Man, I missed the little bugger :)

My D300 has my old and cheap 50mm 1.8 stuck to it as a default these days. Obviously I change it to something else if the need arises but I’m making a conscious effort towards simplification.

Lately, I find myself drawn steadily backwards. Less tech, less gear, less widgets. A few fast lenses, natural light. Do away with colour, reveal the shadows, concentrate on intent. More than anything I long for intent and relevancy. This craft can be so damn superficial.

I’ve been getting lost in Koudelka & Winogrand and Frank. In New Topographics. In Francesca Woodman’s body and ghosts. Vivian Maier. I’m drowning myself in monochrome.

I don’t want to stage, I don’t want to invent or pose. I want to witness. Just walk into life with my eyes open, as wide as possible. I want to record.

Is that a business plan? I don’t know. Probably not in this day & age. But I’m methodically being drawn to it in spite of myself. Moth to a flame. Of course, we all know how that one ends…

I want to shoot as I view the world. Not what’s fashionable. Not what’s current. Not what’s expected.

Alright. End stream of consciousness. I’m feeling dizzy again… Have a great weekend all and see you next week - hopefully I’ll be standing up by then;)